Hitbtc Cryptocurrency Exchange 2020 Review

In cases, where you want to recover the HitBTC password, Visit the HitBTC Login page and then Click on the “Forgot Password” option. Then enter hitbtc exchange review your personal information and user id after which you can reset your password. On HitBTC, “Takers” are charged with a 0.1% fee from the trade.

hitbtc exchange review

Although no large-scale security breaches have occurred on HitBTC, many users have reported individual account hacks and claimed that the exchange has stolen their funds. No Margin Trading – HitBTC does not natively support margin trading and directs users to a third party service offered by Weltrade. Maintenance Issues – It is common for HitBTC to perform system maintenance on crypto asset wallets, causing deposit and withdrawal shutdowns for extended periods of time. Another high profile cryptocurrency user who has taken issue with HitBTC is John McAfee.

Hitbtc Review 2021: Started Strong, But A Risky Crypto Exchange Today

Say goodbye to failed trades, front-running, and high slippage. Here are some of the pros and cons you’ll experience Venture fund with HitBTC. Lastly, stop-limit orders allow you to create a limit order and set it at a certain price.

hitbtc exchange review

The beginner-friendly set of tools is displayed on the home page of HitBTC. Traditionally, the candlestick chart displays most recent price swings with users being able to pinpoint a specific span of time that they want to analyze price-wise. In order to get a real-time update on most recent market proposals, one has to open the HitBTC exchange’s order book. Low trading fees, small bonus when acting as a maker, none deposit fees for the altcoins.

Tried to trade with different exchanges but wasn’t able to stay with them for a long time. Felix Kuester works as an analyst and content manager for Captainaltcoin and specializes in chart analysis and blockchain technology. The physicist has couple of years of professional experience as project manager and technological consultant.

It also has a lot of useful tips on cryptocurrency trading in general. This HitBTC review details which other cryptocurrencies are supported on the platform, how to navigate HitBTC deposits and how to trade. HitBTC markets support more than 800 trading pairs, encompassing Bitcoin and a variety of altcoins including Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Tron and others. HitBTC also supports lesser-known altcoins, diversifying its range for clients. Deposit and withdrawal credit times vary from time to time, dependent on the coin. Also dependent on the coin, the HitBTC minimum deposit and withdrawal amount varies.

Does Hitbtc Have A Wallet?

However, it seems that in a follow up to the tweet HitBTC unfroze the account and allowed his mother to continue trading. Lastly, you can only buy and sell coins that are divisible by 100, 1,000 or 10,000. This is not ideal especially for those smaller traders who want to trade the more expensive coins.

HitBTC has mixed reviews on reputable review websites such as Trustpilot. The exchange has an overall rating of 2/5 stars which is ‘Poor’ based on 1,934 customer reviews. The most recent comments relate to missing deposits, poor customer service and frozen funds. Overall, there are too many ‘red flags’ based on feedback from their users.

It is convenient, fast, and reliable to trade and buy coins here. This is a trusted exchange that I started using thanks to the recommendation of experienced people. The platform provides a cheap exchange of crypro and a high speed of the process. Hitbtc is doing a lot, improving service and quality of work. Compared to my first experience here, the current Hitbtc is what it always had to be.

  • The exchange is good, but couple of times my transactions stuck.
  • If Bill on the other hand offers to sell 1 BTC for USD 10,500, he places an order on the order book that does not correspond to an existing order.
  • HitBTC supports deposit in all of the major cryptocurrencies .
  • Once that step is complete, you’ll see the coins in your Trading Account.
  • Trading is a highly risky activity that can lead to major losses, please therefore consult your financial advisor before making any decision.
  • Customer support of HitBTC exchange is not supportive or responsive.

Bittrex charges around 0.25% and for many other exchanges, 0.25% is the standard fees. HitBTC is one of the only few with such low fees and a rebate for makers, something that rarely exists elsewhere. We’ll conclude this section of our HitBTC review with information on how to make withdrawals.

Hitbtc Deposit And Withdrawals

Like many other exchanges, HitBTC does not accept US-investors on its platform. If you’re from the US and you’re looking for the trading platform that is just right for you, don’t worry. Use our Exchange Filters to find an appropriate exchange accepting US-investors. The exchange promotes three things in particular as advantages with choosing to open an account with HitBTC. Second, they say that it is “fast, responsive and feature-packed”.

As the name suggests, the transaction will only be conducted in case the prices reaches certain limit on the exchange. The “Good Till Canceled” feature allows users to change any settings of the order on HitBTC. HitBTC has an intuitive beginner-friendly interface that will come in handy for those users who do not have an experience of trading cryptocurrencies. At the same time, HitBTC represents a robust platform that perfectly suits for high-skilled traders as well.

With its intuitive, feature-rich and responsive mobile app for Android and iOS devices, HitBTC is a good option for altcoin traders. Overall, my suggestion for you is to use a better altcoin exchange that you can rely upon for support and one that lets you sleep in peace. The most important thing about exchanges that don’t innovate and are less customer-centric are more likely to pull an exit scam. The foundation is the most important aspect of a reliable crypto exchange and that’s something HitBTC is definitely lacking. They are barely surviving and this can have a major impact on users who are using HitBTC as their crypto exchange.

This usually happens due to poor management and the vision of founding members. They have a lot to learn from newly launched crypto exchanges like Binance, MXC matcha, and many others. A lot of exchanges are offering support via Telegram and also using Twitter to reach out to users with solutions.

Hitbtc Review: Is It A Good For Altcoin Traders?

Now that you have created your HitBTC account, you will now need to deposit some funds. If you want to deposit funds using a bank account, you will need to go through a verification process. This can take quite a while at HitBTC, so we’ll show you how to deposit using a cryptocurrency.

Hitbtc Review: Customer Support

As mentioned at the start of this review, HitBit is known for being a robot-friendly exchange. This means that it offers a set of APIs that make it very good for any developer looking to create trading bots. Another interesting feature of HitBTC is that it comes with support for the FIX protocol. It supports FIX via two types of interfaces, FIX Trading and FIX Market data. It may come as a surprise for some, but HitBit allows for ICO coins trading. In short, HitBTC allows its traders to buy ICO coins and store them in their HitBTC account even before the ICO releases its tokens on other exchanges.

For one, there was the ire that they have attracted from cryptocurrency trader “Sicarious”. There have also been reported inconsistencies between the fees that some users are paying for transfers. Some users claim they have been charged high fees whereas others have had no issues. For those traders of you that would like to use their advanced API, then the market making functionality could be an attractive addition. Below is a table of the market maker contracts that are available at HitBTC. Something that many exchanges offer is an affiliate program where you can refer other traders and earn a commission off of their trading.

Basically, if you make an order that increases the liquidity on the site, you get a rebate of .1% on that transaction. If you decrease the liquidity, you get charged a .1% commission. A full explanation of the fee structure is available on HitBTC’s website.

The first step in this HitBTC how to trade guide is creating an account by visiting the HitBTC website. You should then receive an email, containing a link to activate your account. Once this link has been followed, your account is now active and you can begin trading.

Customer Support And Review

But for every negative review, there was a positive one from a trusted source. In general, the crypto crowd still stands by HitBTC as a good platform, even if it has support issues and is not user-friendly. If you want access to fiat and higher limits, verification is necessary. It isn’t easy, but it is well worth it for professional traders. First, navigate to the verification requirements so they are in full view. HitBTC is one of the largest and most comprehensive platforms by BTC volume on the market.

In particular, the user interface is outdated, lack of transparency on security measures and negative feedback on the customer support. HitBTCis a cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers high liquidity and supports hundreds Day trading of cryptocurrencies. HitBTC platform was developed in late 2013, making it one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry. With this platform, users can buy, sell, and trade hundreds of different cryptocurrencies.

Recently HitBTC updated its fees policy and started to follow international AML/KYC rules. The exchange keeps on adding new coins to its roster giving a chance of entering the big market for the new crypto projects. More than that, now HitBTC allows people to buy crypto coins with fiat money.

However, the trading volumes on the other futures contracts are very low. In order to withdraw money from HitBTC, one has to specify the exact amount of crypto and enter the address of your Super profitability wallet. Also, pay attention to the fact that withdrawals are irreversible. All funds that have been withdrawn from your account can be accessed by viewing your payment history on HitBTC.